19 December 2013

Sheer pleasures

A beautiful silk panel sheer Azade organza top by Acne. Totally lustworthy! Available at Green With Envy.

14 November 2013

Maybe it's time

So I don't wear watches nor have I worn one for a short period of time in my entire life. I don't know why. I also don't recall where I use to check the time pre-mobile phone days. I guess as a kid, you didn't need to keep track of time. They were the best of times really. There were those moments at school when we wanted to check the time to see when our next break for play was or when it was time to go home. Moving onto high school it was always in each class or lecture room. Joining the workforce and being in an office environment, we have our tech-savvy computers with the digital digits on the bottom corner (or on the top corner now).

I guess I've never really found a moment when I was lost for time except for those (not physically) "naked" days when I accidentally left my phone at home. It is quite rare so it doesn't result in the need for a watch. But still. It would help for days when when I would run for the train, meet someone or simply check the time just because. It'll be handy to have one lying around for when my mood says so on that blue moon day. It kind of looks cool also. Yes/No? I mean to join the watch race? I may adopt the routine one day. Slide, click, clack, swing. 

29 October 2013

Not just any regular backpack

Haven't heard of them before nevertheless seen them? Me too. Only since a few months ago. They are the latest craze seen sported by many high profile celebrities around the world. Yep. They're called MCM - Mode Creation Munich. Originally a German brand founded by Michael Cromer in Munich in 1976. Now a South Korean luxury leather goods brand, they pride themselves through it's mastery craftsmanship and top quality materials. Stocked in iconic cities around the world including New York, London, Berlin, Shanghai and of course Seoul, it is now available in Australia via Reebonz!

MCM endeavours to remain stylishly functional for travellers' needs. Their infamous backpack range includes a burst of bright colours with and without the sturdy studs.

Rhianna, US singer.

Justin Bieber, US Singer.

Ludacris, US Rapper and actor.

Andrej Pejic, Australian Top-Model.